Engage and electrify with Xerox® Fluorescent Yellow Dry Ink.

Xerox Fluorescent Yellow Dry Ink in the 5th print station of your Xerox® iGen® 5 Press is something you’ve never seen in digital print. Say goodbye to neon-colored toners. Next to a dry ink with actual fluorescence, they simply fall flat.

It’s a glow you’ll only get from Xerox.

We took our inspiration from Optic Yellow—the unique color approved by the International Tennis Federation to make tennis balls more visible—to innovate a new kind of dry ink that actually glows under UV light. Printed over or next to CMYK, the effect is electrifying.

Fluorescent yellow spot and flood effects printed on Xerox iGen 5 Press Fluorescent yellow photo enhancements printed on Xerox iGen 5 Press Fluorescent yellow watermarks printed on Xerox iGen 5 Press
Spot and flood effects Photo and color enhancements Watermarks

Comparing regular and fluorescent dry ink

Just think of the applications.

And the profit potential. Fluorescent Yellow reflects twice the light of other colors, creating visibility that demands attention. Book dust jackets jump off the shelf. Posters and signage can’t be ignored. Direct mail sizzles and sells.

According to a Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends recent survey, Beyond CMYK 2016, print buyers expect to pay up to 38% more for fluorescent digital print enhancements than they do for 4-color jobs. And that’s on top of the value you already get from the 5th print station and the versatility it provides.

High visibility. High value.

Swap Xerox Fluorescent Yellow for White, Clear, or a gamut extension color, and offer customers the high-value applications and specialty effects they demand—enhanced by iGen 5 image quality, extra-long 35″/889 mm sheet (XLS) capability, extensive, time-saving automation and more.

With Standard Sheets

  • Direct mailers
  • Collateral + marketing pieces
  • Environmental health and safety (EH&S) and caution/safety signage or tags
  • Folding cartons

With XLS Sheets

  • Book covers/dust jackets
  • Album covers
  • Banners/posters/signage
  • Large format wraps/clings

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