Don’t Think You Need An Office Printer? Think Again!

There are relatively few common items that don’t have a digital option. From refrigerators, to books, to bicycles — nearly everything comes with internet connectivity. This being the case, it’s understandable that many offices decide to go paperless because there are numerous smart options that allow for remarkable flexibility and productivity without the apparent need for physical printouts. However, if your organization routinely does business with companies that rely upon paper documents, you should be equipped to accommodate them.

Even if your business is either paperless or transitioning into being paperless, there are several reasons why you should nonetheless invest in an office copier or printer. Here are a few things you should take into consideration.

Your business has to accommodate clients who rely upon paper documents.

Although paperless offices are becoming increasingly common, you will still have to interact with organizations that are either unwilling or unable to make the transition. Having the infrastructure that allows you to be flexible and produce hard copies easily and efficiently will pay dividends in the long term. If you regularly serve law offices or educational institutions, you will have to be able to print and store paper documents.

Your business might have to have hard copies on file.

Certain organizations must keep paper documents as a backup in case their electronic files become inaccessible or a data breach occurs. If your system becomes corrupted and you do not have corresponding paper documents on hand, you could suffer significant legal consequences.

Paper documents cannot be hacked.

As we previously stated, electronic files can be corrupted on a large scale. While paper documents can certainly be stolen or lost, it is relatively rare that hard copies are lost or adulterated on a scale that rivals their electronic counterparts. To ensure client privacy, there are some sensitive documents that should be kept under lock and key as hard copies and not stored electronically.

While it can be cumbersome and even expensive to handle paper documents, the right office equipment can help you manage your documents effectively and efficiently. The longer you stay in business, the greater the likelihood that you will have to print hard copies of important documents either for your clients or your own records.

Visual Edge IT offers innovative Xerox office copiers and printers designed to not only produce hard copies, but accommodate electronic files by scanning and sharing. To learn more about how you can acquire mobile and cloud-ready printing and copying technology, please contact our helpful representatives today.