Don’t Ignore that Message


Have you ever had a message come up on your machine and you do what it says but the message just won’t go away? It happens sometime and though I would love to be able to tell you exactly why it happens it will remain one of those mysteries like why do you press harder on remote-control buttons when you know the battery is dead? But those messages happen so what to do. Well first if the message is telling you to do something like empty the waste tray, try doing it again. If it is a message about a tray, cover or door make sure it is closed all the way. Some messages have you do things that have something to do with sensors on the machine and sometimes those sensors need a few seconds to reset. For instance in the case of the Empty Waste Tray message the waste tray has to be out of the machine for at least 5 seconds before it is returned to the machine so that the message will clear. Sometimes we just do things too quickly so slow down, count 1 hippopotamus, 2 hippopotamus, etc. and then see if the message clears.

You can look for other resolutions by going to the Support page for your machine and typing in the message as it appears on the display or report. Follow the directions in the solution and see if that helps. Depending on the message you may be asked to turn off the machine. Again slow and patient, turn the machine off and wait 30 seconds to as much as 2 minutes may be required depending on the machine. So you can count 1 hippopotamus, 2 hippopotamus, etc. and no cheating by just saying 1 hippo, 2 hippo, etc., that will not work. For the longer wait times try singing your favorite song or close your eyes and take a mini vacation in your mind, then power on the machine.

You can also go to the Customer Forum and search for the message or post a question about a message there and someone might have a great answer for you. If the pesky message still will not go away then you will need to call for support. When you call support make sure you have your serial number and the exact message. The exact message is important, telling the support person it says something about the paper tray will not help us help you. We need to know the exact message to give you the best support possible.

So I hope you never get one of those messages that will not go away but if you do you at least know where to start and what to do.