Does Your Business Need a Multifunction Printer? Yes — and Here’s Why the Best Office Printers Are Multi-Taskers

Practically everyone carries a multifunction communications device in their own pockets — their smartphone. Regardless of what brand of smartphone you have, it definitely has a huge assortment of built-in functions. And even if your phone doesn’t come with particular capabilities, you can probably install an application that performs them. Visual Edge IT offers the best office printers for small office environments, as well as managed IT services that allow you to maintain your equipment effectively and efficiently.

The ability to enjoy built-in features isn’t limited to the type of smartphone you have. If you have purchased a new kitchen appliance or TV in the past few years, you probably have a ” smart” unit that has a multitude of functions. If you have incredibly efficient, multi-tasking tools in your own home, why wouldn’t you have them in your office?

Multifunction printers are highly efficient copiers and printers that, in addition to copying and printing, can perform a wide variety of important office jobs. These include:

  • Booklet binding
  • Faxing
  • Hole punching
  • Scanning
  • Smart card reading
  • Stapling

The addition of downloadable applications can expand upon the tasks multifunction printers can perform. However, the basic suite of services can empower offices with the ability to significantly enhance their productivity and efficiency. Here are a few of the benefits of multifunction printers.

They can lower your carbon output.

Having a single unit that performs a multitude of tasks reduces the need to purchase and use more office equipment than necessary. One unit will use far less energy than multiple, constantly running pieces of equipment. Moreover, one multifunction printer will require one service provider, making maintenance and management simpler and more cost-effective. Merely eliminating the need to track toner and ink in numerous machines could save significant waste. And speaking of waste…

They can lower the overhead costs of operation

A single, small multifunction printer can lower the costs of electricity, reduce your maintenance commitment, and streamline the cost of supplies.

They’re convenient.

One of the reasons why smartphones have swept the globe is their ability to execute diverse processes. A multifunction printer with a broad scope of capabilities can streamline operations — if you have a client that needs documents faxed, you won’t waste time and funds finding a fax machine that you’ll only use a handful of times for a single purpose and possibly never again.

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Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels