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People go into business for all sorts of reasons, but no one goes into business just to spend time scanning documents that they promptly lose. Yet that’s the situation many businesses find themselves in. Year after year, they try to get by with inadequate and disorganized document management, hoping the problem will somehow solve itself. For San Bernardino businesses, there is a better way: document management systems from Image Source. With document management systems, you can be confident that your documents are being handled efficiently and cost-effectively. Let us help minimize wasted time and increase your company’s bottom line.

Down with wasted time; up with cost savings

Organization is key to efficient document management systems. With simplified routing from Image Source, your scanned documents automatically go to the right place and are easy to find, even months or years after they were created. We also save you money when it’s time to print your document. Image Source offers rules-based printing, ensuring that your printing resources are never wasted. With rules-based printing, large print jobs can be automatically routed to high-volume all in one printers, multifunction copiers, and single-function laser printers, duplicate print jobs can be automatically deleted, staff can be required to confirm single-sided printing, and costly settings such as color printing can be minimized.

Document management systems from Image Source can also enhance convenience and security, enabling printing from mobile devices, storing your documents in the cloud, and enforcing user authentication for security and accountability. And no document management system would be complete without cost accounting. With Image Source on your side, you will always be able to track printing and copying costs.

If the solution fits, try it

No two businesses have exactly the same needs. That’s why we customize our document management systems and managed IT solutions to your exact requirements. These offerings are not here to force you into a one-size-fits-all solution; they’re here to free you from the frustration and expense of inefficient document management.

So if you’re ready to save money and time, give us a call at 909-890-4040.

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