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Copiers Fresno

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So, do companies still use copiers in the digital age? You bet they do and that’s why Visual Edge IT in Fresno offers nothing but state of the art copiers for the modern business age. However, copiers today are much more than a copier and printer. Today’s copiers are multifunction devices. You may hear these devices referred to as multifunction copiers, multifunction printers (MFPs) or you may also hear the term all in one printers. Regardless, these powerhouses allow you to copy, print, scan and fax all from one machine. How does that benefit your business you might ask? Simple. Having machines that are multifunction devices allows your business to stay productive because you’ve consolidated several functions in to one easy to use device. Plus, while improving effeciency you’re also saving money. In addition, depending on what type of operations your organization does, these copiers come with finishing options like stapling and hole punch preferences customized for your document needs.

Multifunction Copiers – Business Solutions for the 21st Century

Did we mention we are a Xerox technology partner? Well, we are! That’s good news for businesses in California because Xerox has been a trusted source in Fresno for many, many years. Our multifunction systems bring our clients in to the digital realm. For example, the scanning features that come on our copiers are second to none. These devices allow you to scan to hard drives, networks, cell phones and even the cloud. Needless to say, this gives your team the benefits of being able to store and retrieve documents when needed.

Other Equipment

Keep productivity at your business going with all in one printers or take control of your large printing needs with wide format printers. To learn more, visit one of the pages below:

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