Celebrate Data Privacy Day with these Print Security Tips

Data security is an issue Xerox takes very seriously. It’s a topic they’ve written extensively on the Small Business Solutions blog, where we consistently update you on products, solutions, emerging threats and industry trends that will help you protect your business’s sensitive information.

In honor of Data Privacy Day, we’ve rounded up some of our top data security advice. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re looking for more advanced options, there’s something here for everyone.

So lock the office door, close the shades, and get ready to find new and better ways to secret away your most critical business data under (proverbial) lock and key with these 6 Small Business Solutions audience favorites:

  1. Know the Risks
    Businesses of every size can benefit from this primer on lesser-known security risks, and why they should be top-of-mind for everyone. Nearly half of all cyber attacks target small businesses, and the losses aren’t small. In fact, the average loss for every 100 compromised records is $25,450. With numbers like that, it’s important to be able to spot the risks from every direction.
  2. The Role of MPS
    The security threat landscape is enormously complex, requiring businesses to protect everything from their devices to their data and their networks, with many often overlooking the security vulnerabilities of today’s advanced multifunction printers (MFPs). For many SMBs, the answer is putting data security in the hands knowledgeable MPS provider with access to a range of services and tools which can be adapted and expanded as business needs change.
  3. Employing Cloud and Network Print Solutions
    If your business lacks a dedicated IT department – or often finds yours overworked – it can be difficult to implement some of the more complex time- and money-saving solutions. The right technology partner can help you with two of the most effective, cloud and networked print, giving you the benefits of enterprise-level resources without enterprise-sized overhead costs.
  4. Security Features Every Printer Should Have
    Looking for your next device? This post provides a comprehensive look at the security features that are critical for your next MFP, and how they help to mitigate common risks and protect even your most sensitive data.
  5. The Risks of BYOD and How to Mitigate Them
    These days most people would rather leave the house without their wallet than without their smartphone, and that’s no less true in the workplace. This post helps you create a plan for BYOD that ensures, among other things, that it doesn’t result in a security breach.
  6. Protecting Your Smartphone (and other Smart Devices)
    Because most of us now mix work life and home life not just in our activities, but on our devices, this post gives you a comprehensive look at how to protect the data on your smartphone wherever you go.

These posts are a great way to become acquainted – or reacquainted – with the ins and outs of data security, and how you can protect yours.