Can Office Printers Save You Money? Yes, and Here’s How

Printing paper documents is generally seen as a necessary part of business operations, but many business owners are surprised to learn how much money their document management systems are really costing them. Ineffective printing practices and wasteful habits can lead to a significant revenue drain. Here are a few tips that can help your business save money on printing costs.

Upgrade your office printers.

Buying or leasing new office printers might not seem like a cost-saving measure, but the right office printer for your business’s needs can streamline your operations and reduce a significant amount of waste. For example, if your current copiers and printers require extensive maintenance, you are not only losing money having them serviced, you’re losing time and productivity when the units are out of commission.

If you have office printers that are no longer under warranty, replacing them with new units that have a valid service package would be a sound, cost-cutting measure in the long term. Multifunction printers offer the largest range of features, so you’re also reducing the amount of office equipment in total — another cost savings.

Reduce your office supplies.

An unmanaged document system can be extremely costly. Your ink cartridges, toner, paper, and other supplies can pile up, unused and unnecessary if your employees lose track of the stock and order more, or order the wrong items. This is especially common in offices with multiple printer models and brands. If you have office printers that use compatible accessories, you can ensure your office supply expenditure aligns with your need and your output.

Having a dedicated printer management system can also effectuate more efficient office supply spending. Keeping inventory and having a person who is responsible for ordering all office supplies allows you to effectively keep track of your spending and your supply usage.

Improve your administrative workflow.

Reduce the volume of waste and reprints by positioning your office printer more efficiently. How often are documents printed, left in the printer, lost, and then reprinted? If your team members print documents from a distance and become distracted before they retrieve them, the documents are likely to become lost, necessitating reprints (and creating security issues for sensitive information). Keeping your office printer strategically located so that it is visible to the team members who use it most can significantly reduce the frequency this phenomenon occurs. And having an office printer equipped with technology that requires the user to be physically at the printer before the printing is initiated can eliminate it entirely.

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