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Managed Print Solutions

Today, virtually every organization is searching for new ways to control costs and operate more efficiently. That’s why many are taking a new look at often overlooked areas: document printing, supplies, maintenance, and service. Historically, this has been hard to control, as print expenditures and measurements tend to be spread across many different departments.

Visual Edge IT PrintCare Managed Print Solutions delivers benefits in many areas beyond simple cost savings:

  • We address environmental sustainability, finding innovative ways to eliminate unnecessary printing and reduce your carbon footprint, usage, and waste.
  • We enhance information security to protect your most valuable information and avoid the costs of lost intellectual property.
  • Through our proactive support model, we monitor, maintain and manage your printers, usually fixing problems before they impact your employees and your business.
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Let us take care of the all in one printers and laser printers so you can focus on your business. Our product specialist can help you optimize your printing infrastructure to save you money and reduce downtime.

Why your business should consider managed print services

  • Fewer IT help desk calls
  • Lower consumables costs
  • Cost reduction in unscheduled maintenance
  • Cost reduction in installation and upgrades
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Increased average overall savings
  • Single Vendor…Single Invoice
  • Single Source of Accountability

ConnectKey Devices Offer Seamless Integration with MPS Printing

Businesses are using Managed Print Services to manage information more effectively. With a Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled device as the hub of your document environment, you can automate business processes, optimize, and manage devices remotely, and assist your help desk with built-in tools. Plus, ENERGY STAR-compliant, ConnectKey-enabled products go a long way toward achieving your sustainability goals using MPS.

Whatever your MPS printing solution, ConnectKey Technology seamlessly integrates with it, giving you unprecedented document management control and unmatched workplace efficiency.

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