Benefits of a Xerox All in One Printer and Visual Edge IT for Small Business

The name Xerox remains the industry standard after decades of exemplary service. There’s a reason it’s the name of a brand and also a verb, because it provides reliable and quality results time after time.

Some small and medium-sized business owners overlook the benefits of owning a quality machine like a Xerox all in one printer. The reliability of these products means employees spend more time staying productive and generating business than they do waiting on maintenance technicians and dealing with delays. These devices are “all in one” because they can complete many functions that used to require multiple machines. They print, scan, fax, copy, and also enable cloud-based access to content.

The modern business moves fast, and clients expect printouts, scans, and copies to be produced at a moment’s notice. They need Xerox for small business in order to ensure the customer experience and stay competitive.

Smaller businesses looking for a Xerox all in one printer should consider these key attributes that make this brand the very best:

  • Plug-and-play functionality that also provides strong network security
  • Access to various cloud services for document retrieval, storage, and printing
  • A tablet-like touchscreen interface that makes all Xerox for small business functions easier, more intuitive, and accessible to staff with limited technical aptitude
  • Use the touchscreen to preview fax and scan creation
  • Built-in OCR that enables you to make scanned documents filled with searchable terms, which is an essential part of a data-driven business

For a larger firm that needs higher production output, there’s machines such as the Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-powered AltaLink high-volume multifunction printers. These devices feature fast printing times which can create various A3 color and monochrome MFPs, to give companies flexibility to meet client demands. ConnectKey is a smart assistant that enables users to perform an array of tasks beyond simple copying, faxing, or scanning. They can create original documents and share them through the cloud to other connected devices in a secure and efficient operation. It unifies devices, workers, and offices so they can share information faster and more reliably, so everyone on the team stays on the same page.

These devices also use malware protection tools and 256-bit secure encryption to safeguard data through multiple layers of protection. They greatly reduce the risks of intrusions which can damage a company’s ability to protect its brand and function properly in a competitive landscape.

Visual Edge IT is a leading and trusted provider of Xerox solutions. We offer exemplary support and provide managed IT services to help businesses operate at peak efficiency. Learn more on our Xerox® ConnectKey® information page.

Featured Photo by Pavel Danilyuk