Bakersfield Plotters

Bakersfield Plotters

How Can Plotters Help Your Bakersfield Business?

Plotters are ideal for creating CAD prints, technical maps, line drawings, and blueprints. Oftentimes, those types of jobs are outsourced to reprographics firms. However, many offices are learning that bringing those jobs in-house can greatly save in costs while also giving you more control. Cutting plotters also provide the necessary finishing options that some Bakersfield businesses need to design their large format documents to their necessary specs and dimensions. So, what is the difference between plotters and wide format printers? While they are synonyms, the term “plotter” is most often used by architects while the term “wide format” or “large format” is most often used by graphic design houses. Also, plotters tend to refer to devices that only print whereas large format printers often come with multifunctional capabilities that include scanning and copying.

Large Format Printers – Complex Print Jobs Require Advanced Machines

Wide Format Printers give Bakersfield organizations the ability to print large documents like posters, banners, blueprints, and canvass photographs. Visual Edge IT carries a large selection of large format printers from industry leaders such as Mutoh, Xerox, and KIP. These devices can print to a variety of print stocks and mediums, and sizing customizations are simple as well. Whether you’re a marketing agency that needs exceptional color quality or a construction company that needs to scan large documents to a job site, we have the right large format device for you. Giving yourself the ability to print what you need when you need it is a major convenience which also improves the productivity of your operations.

Visual Edge IT’s Large Format Printers come equipped with:

  • Secure Hard Drives
  • Multifunction Capabilities (on select devices)
  • Rapid Warm-Up Time
  • Cutting Capacity

For more information on our wide format printers and plotters, contact Visual Edge IT today at 800-336-1642.

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