Bakersfield Printers

Bakersfield Printers

All In One Printers for a Variety of Office Needs

All in one printers from Xerox give Bakersfield businesses an easy-to-use interface with top-notch security features and sophisticated document handling solutions. Gone are the days when printers had the sole function of printing documents. Today’s all in one printers are smart workplace assistants that integrate with your network, mobile devices, and even the cloud. Utilizing our cloud-connected apps allows your team to collaborate more effectively. Furthermore, consolidating your copier, printer, scanner, and fax machine into one multifunctional device reduces office clutter and keeps costs at a minimum.

Multifunctional Features

Multifunction printers (also called “all in one printers”) enhances your paper processes by giving you the ability to:

  • Reduce Paper Consumption with Advanced Document Scanning Features
  • Connect Wirelessly to the Network or to the Cloud
  • Print Color Documents in Brilliant Resolution
  • Support High-Volume Printing without Sacrificing Quality
  • Protect Your Information Through Data Encryption
  • Print to a Variety of Different Sizes and Formats

Bakersfield Laser Printers

Desktop Laser Printers for Convenience & Productivity

Standalone print devices can be ideal for high-volume jobs, but oftentimes desktop laser printers can be just as effective at ramping up your company’s productivity. Factor in a managed print services program and these smaller devices make even more sense.  When you implement Xerox laser printers into your workflow, you’ll see tremendous benefits that include:

Brilliant Resolution and Image Quality

Whether it’s a rich monochrome document or a color proof for a client, you’ll be impressed with the resolution and amazing image quality produced by Xerox printers.

Speed and Versatility

Our laser printers come with a variety of speed and finishing settings to enhance your paper processes.

The Latest Software

These devices offer a variety of different apps to customize how you route, deliver, and access documents efficiently.

Environmentally Friendly

Reducing your carbon footprint has never been easier with our Energy Star machines.

Exceptional Service

Visual Edge IT does more than just provide award-winning office equipment. We also support all of our products with award-winning service and customized solutions. Whether it’s managed IT servicescopier maintenance, or large format printers, we cover the needs of our customers with the best service in Bakersfield. For assistance with your business goals, contact us at 800-336-1642.

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