Major refresh of Xerox MFP line

In their first major event since the split was announced in January, a reinvigorated Xerox held an analyst briefing in Rochester this week to showcase their 14 newly launched “i-Series” of copiers / MFPs. Suits and ties replaced the casual dress of not just Xerox executives, but all Xerox employees that were part of this … Read More

3D Printing Gets Three-legged Dog Ziggy Back on His Paws

Ziggy had a rough start as a puppy, but 3D printing technology and a couple of clever people have helped him get up and running again. They noticed the pup’s handicap didn’t get him down. “He was a happy little puppy and didn’t mind at all that he only had three legs,” Colvin said in a statement. … Read More

The Making of the 3D Printed, Liquid-Cooled Computer

Computers have always played a critical role in 3D printing. It’s no coincidence that as soon as Chuck Hull invented the technology in 1983, he immediately assembled a team to create and share the STL file format—which remains the most widely used file format for 3D printing today. Over the years, advances in computational power … Read More

How 3D Printing is Helping Planetary Resources Rethink Spacecraft

It costs $50 million for every ton we send to space. In order to travel light, spacecraft must be intelligently designed and manufactured to have the lowest part count and weight possible. That is why Planetary Resources has turned to 3D printing. Through 3D printing, the designers and engineers at Planetary Resources are now able … Read More

What You Need to Know About E-Signatures and Business Processes

Electronic signatures or e-signatures have the power to change the way we interact with all kinds of documents: mortgages, vendor contracts, sales agreements, briefing NDAs, check requests, FDA submissions, even how we pay for our mochas at the coffee shop. As use of e-signatures becomes mainstream, capturing legal signatures is no longer a stumbling block … Read More

Don’t Ignore that Message

Have you ever had a message come up on your machine and you do what it says but the message just won’t go away? It happens sometime and though I would love to be able to tell you exactly why it happens it will remain one of those mysteries like why do you press harder … Read More

What is EIP on the MFP?

Well that is the Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) on the Multifunctional printers (MFP). Still not clear? Let’s take a closer look; the Xerox Extensible Interface Platform enables independent software vendors, partners and in-house programmers to develop customized programs that can be accessed directly from the Xerox Multifunction printer. These solutions can use your existing … Read More

What are the New Innovative Trends in Customer Service?

Not too long ago, customers didn’t have much leverage when a product or service failed to live up to expectations. Sure, they could shop elsewhere, but that was a blunt tool that didn’t command attention from the business even if it quietly signaled dissatisfaction on a macro level. How times have changed. Social media, smartphones, … Read More