Are Managed Print Services Right for My Business? What You Need to Know

Managed Print services can be highly beneficial for small businesses that cannot afford to have a dedicated IT technician onsite, but what are they exactly? Here’s what you should know about managed print services and their advantages. Visual Edge IT is a trusted Southern California office equipment supplier and managed IT services provider offering services to businesses across industries.

On average, office workers print approximately 35 pages every day, and roughly half of those printed pages will be thrown into the recycling bin by the close of the business day. It is estimated that 90 percent of companies in North America don’t monitor their printing expenditure or the documents that are printed on a daily basis. This causes businesses to hemorrhage significant amounts of money. This is where managed IT services can help.

Managed Print services give small businesses the IT support they need to keep their communications technology working efficiently and securely. While large corporations have an IT technician working in-house, most small businesses can’t afford to have dedicated IT personnel onsite. Using a trusted managed IT services provider allows businesses to keep their communications technology functioning properly without having to support a new hire. But how do you know you need managed IT services? Here are a few signs that using managed IT services could benefit your organization.

Your printing and information technology expenses are unusually high.

While managed IT services help keep your communications technology functioning properly, a good service provider will also help you discover the source of your expenditures. Some unforeseen expenses can come from:

  • Supplementary printing services (trips to a copy center) because the office printer can’t manage high volume
  • Additional supplies, parts, and accessories for legacy printers
  • Overtime payments to employees that had to stay late to manage IT-related challenges

If your business doesn’t have an adequate IT infrastructure, you will experience continual unnecessary expenses related to printing and document storage. If your business is going to operate profitably for the long term, you have to know how much your communications and data storage solutions are costing you. Managed IT services offer the support and expertise you need to build an efficient communications network within your office that not only enhances productivity, but also saves you money.

You have a supply closet filled with supplies that are never used.

Not only are office supplies costly, but they also require storage space, which isn’t free. Moreover, supplies that sit in the supply closet without being used or even noticed can start to vanish. If you have a load of supplies that require shelving space, organization, inventory, and other maintenance that costs your organization time and money, you need managed IT services to help you understand how your business acquired unneeded supplies.

If you have an assortment of printers of different makes and models that don’t use the same types of accessories, that could be one of the primary reasons for the unnecessary expenditure. It’s easy for employees to lose track of which cartridges go with which copier or printer, and accidentally order the wrong item numbers. If you stay loyal to a single printer model, it’s far easier to keep your supplies organized. A managed IT service provider can help you find the best office equipment solutions for your size, operations, and goals.

Your recycling bin is filled with unused printouts.

Did you know that, on average, a U.S. employee wastes one tree’s worth of paper simply by misprinting documents? How much is that costing you?

If, at the end of the day, you find that your trash and recycle bin are overflowing with wasted printouts, you need managed print services to help you sort out the true cost of your printing solutions. Managed print services can help you track your business’s printing output so you can fully understand your organization’s printing needs, habits, and costs.

Visual Edge IT offers comprehensive Managed Print Services to organizations throughout Southern California, helping them optimize their communications and printing solutions and enhancing their efficiency. To learn more about our managed IT services, please visit our information page.