Aerospace & DefenseAerospace & Defence

Once relied upon for prototyping, design verification and testing, 3D Systems’ machines now print functional, end-use aerospace and defense parts.  Our printers’ materials and build capabilities have reduced aerospace part number and weight while  improving overall efficiency in meaningful and measurable ways, unattainable through traditional manufacturing methods.  And the ability to print replacement parts on-demand rather than filling expensive and limited space with inventory?  It’s no small wonder our technology is taking flight.

Architecture & GeoArchitecture & Geo

For design communication in architecture, nothing makes an impression or instills confidence quite like a scaled-model.  3D Systems’ printers take over the painstaking task of translating the promises of a blueprint into an awe-inspiring visual with fine custom detail and full color so that architectural firms can build their reputation on a strong foundation. 3D Systems’ 3D printers also enable the production of high-quality terrain, urban and subsurface maps in hours and at very low cost.  Maps for analytics, communication models and educational displays or city models can be produced in full color with no geometrical limitations.

Arts & EntertainmentArts & Entertainment

3D Systems helps transform ideas into tangible objects to share.  In addition to helping our customers unleash their imagination to create things new and unseen, we have introduced the possibility of replicating personal and cultural heritage pieces for preservation and education.  We are confident that expanding the horizons of design will democratize creativity and lead to a new wave of aesthetic innovation for the benefit of the individual and community.  In fact, the new wave has already started, and artists the world over are finding new applications for 3D printing technologies in their work.  The unique color capabilities of 3D Systems’ 3D printers provide major movie animators, 3D software developers, service bureaus and consumers with the ability to produce custom avatars, characters, and figurines with ease.


For over 20 years, 3D Systems has accelerated vehicle design with its professional and production additive manufacturing systems and services.  Our 3D printers have enabled our design and engineering customers to produce functional and durable parts with efficiency-improving build complexities that are unachievable through traditional means, in addition to giving them bridge- and direct manufacturing capabilities.  Whether the need is to improve fuel economy, optimize part count to weight ratios, or eliminate tooling costs, our ability to put automotive and transportation specialists on the fast track to success revs both our engine and theirs.


The introduction and innovation of consumer products is an involved process requiring multiple rounds of concept evaluation and verification.  To best streamline and improve stages of design, testing and production, 3D Systems provides rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing solutions to companies across industries, from electronics to home care to fashion accessories to improve communication, collaboration and creation.  Our portfolio of 3D printers ensures design accuracy, product quality, and ultimately: company success.


Seeing isn’t just believing; seeing is learning. We think classrooms and labs should be places of practical application and hands-on discovery, and we’re not alone.  Schools, colleges and educational and governmental institutes of all levels and disciplines are increasingly introducing their constituents to 3D Systems’ leading 3D printing technologies as a means of providing real world applications in math, science, mechanical engineering, and architecture among others.  Our high definition 3D printers are easy to maintain and operate and are becoming indispensible tools for educators and civil servants alike.


The race for greener and more efficient energy sources requires the ability to draft and test system designs with ease and accuracy.  For the past 25 years, 3D Systems has provided energy producers and suppliers with the rapid prototyping, tooling and additive manufacturing systems and services they need to fuel our world.  Many energy companies have now installed 3D printers in-house to ensure ready access to the tools that are powering innovation across sectors of renewable energy, electrical power, nuclear power, the petroleum industry and alternative energy sources.


3D Systems is dedicated to assisting the pioneering of healthcare solutions to advance treatments and enhance quality of life by democratizing advanced 3D technologies. 3D Systems’ Personalized Surgery and Medical Devices Division is driving medical treatment and research forward with its custom medical device offerings including precise dental and anatomical models, custom surgical guides, implantable devices, exoskeletons, hearing aids, prosthetics, and braces for scoliosis and other applications.


3D Systems’ technology is sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean it requires a white lab coat in a space-station setting.  Play with it! Experiment!  We believe 3D printing will and should be the next sought after technology for the home.  Design and print what you need, when you need it, using intuitive programs or customization apps, or challenge yourself to learn design software and start expressing yourself in 3D. We’re 3D Systems and our goal is to democratize creativity – for all!


The focus of jewelry is on the design.  For this reason, many professionals in the industry have embraced our technologies to reduce the time and labor required in manufacturing.  Our high definition printers provide an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use means of producing finely detailed jewelry patterns and models that give back hours to designers to create and grow their business.