Quick Guide To Cloud Computing – Free Download

We’ve all heard of the “cloud.” And most us use it routinely, whether we realize it or not.

Originally, the word “cloud” was a metaphor to describe how networks were connected on the internet. The term has morphed into “The Cloud” but in reality cloud services don’t exist in one place.

In operational terms, cloud computing is a model in which devices (phones, laptops, etc.) applications, servers, networks, data storage, development tools, and so on are enabled via the Internet.

In business terms, cloud computing is the foundation for everything an SMB or enterprise requires to do business. Internet access, measured service, on-demand functionality and rapid elasticity. The cloud is also the data backup, disaster recovery, security, and business continuity of technology infrastructure, all for a lower cost than traditional on-premise systems.

Instead of investing in all the hardware and software used for your individual business — not to mention training staff and figuring out how you will maintain it — many of these services are offered by a cloud service provider. You, as a business, only pay for the cloud services you use. This helps you save money and increase flexibility.

There are three different models that your business can choose from when it comes to choosing a cloud service. The one(s) you choose will depend on the unique requirements of your business.

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