What is enterprise print and why do you need Enterprise Print Services?

Enterprise print is the tangible output from the daily flow of information throughout your organization. It is output from your office workers, your mobile workers and your production print. It drives your decision making, your new ideas and
the everyday communications that keep your business on track and moving forward. Add it all up and enterprise print is a big number—accounting for 10% or more of many companies’ IT budgets.

Your office printers, multifunction devices,copiers, scanners, fax machines, high-volume printers and the materials that you send out for quick printing, offset printing, and mail and distribution are all part of your enterprise print costs. So are the service desk, technical service and supplies that support it all. Managing your enterprise print requires more time, network bandwidth and money than you can even imagine. Controlling all these costs may not be your core business, but it is critical to your business’ success.