3 Reasons Why You Need Efficient Office Printers

Paperless workplaces are becoming increasingly common — data storage and retrieval can often be performed and managed entirely electronically, saving energy and resources. However, there are still services that require physical documents, making copying and printing necessary even when digital storage is a viable option. For organizations that work with hard copy documents, office printers are essential tools. However, while a legacy printer might seem perfectly serviceable for occasional paper documents, older printers can be a major money drain. Here are a few reasons why upgrading your office printer can save you time and funds. Visual Edge IT is proud to be among Southern California’s leading office equipment suppliers, connecting businesses to the best Xerox copiers and printers, and helping small and mid-sized organizations manage their IT support.

Even if you don’t regularly print physical documents, having a reliable and flexible office printer is nonetheless essential for organizations across industries. Here are a few reasons why you should have an office printer onsite.

  1. You will have a client who needs a copy of a document. While many offices are becoming paperless, there are still clients who will require a hard copy of some documentation. Having a good office printer will help you avoid scrambling to generate a paper document.
  2. Your organization might be legally required to have hard copies on file. Some industries must have paper documents in case electronic files cannot be accessed or if your company suffers a data breach or ransomware attack.
  3. Paper documents cannot suffer cyberattacks. While individual paper documents can be stolen or lost, entire physical files cannot be eliminated or stolen via large-scale hack by an anonymous international entity. Certain documents should not be accessible electronically and must be physically available. When those documents are requested, you have to have printing and copying resources that can reproduce them quickly.

Visual Edge IT has been Southern California’s go-to supplier of high-performance office equipment, helping organizations maximize productivity while saving money. The team at Visual Edge IT is more than happy to help you discover the best office equipment solutions for your budget and needs, providing leasing options as well as financing plans for some of the best copiers and printers on the market. If you want to buy or lease an office printer or copier, please contact the helpful representatives at Visual Edge IT today for more information. For IT support services, visit our managed IT services page to learn how we can help you manage your data.

Featured Photo by George Milton from Pexels